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steering and suspension

When you think about what makes a vehicle appealing, what comes to mind? High top speed? A cabin full of electric goodies and the latest touch screen equipment? Something else? Well, if we can bet there was one thing you didn’t say, it was the steering & suspension. These unsung heroes of your car and how it drives don’t get the attention that the flashier, fancier parts of your vehicle do, but if they are in trouble, you are in for at least a bumpy ride, if not an impossible-to-control one. For steering & suspension service or emergency steering & suspension repair in Townsend, DE, get your car into the bays at Fred Drake Automotive. We’ll have you back on the straight and narrow in no time flat.

Steering & Suspension Service Townsend DE

At Fred Drake Automotive in Townsend, DE, we recommend everyone have their steering & suspension checked at least once per year, but we will happily perform spot-checks on your suspension every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change. During these quick checks, we will take a look at your shocks, struts, sway bolts, and other parts of your suspension that are frequently trouble areas. If we find weaknesses or problems, you are in luck; suspension issues are much easier (and cheaper) to repair when caught early. So make sure you have our team perform a quick suspension check next time you bring your vehicle for an oil change!

Steering & Suspension Repair Townsend DE

If your car is in need of steering & suspension repair in Townsend, DE, it will be impossible for you to drive it without noticing, and it might just be plain impossible to drive. If you notice your car shakes at higher speeds, pulls to one side or the other, or points downward in the front or back, you’ve probably got a suspension problem. And steering problems are equally easy to spot. Can you steer the vehicle? If not, you’ve got a problem. So when you need steering & suspension repair in Townsend, DE, the name to trust is Fred Drake Automotive.

Steering & Suspension Repair Near Me

If the time has come for steering & suspension repair in Townsend, DE, then it is time to call Fred Drake Automotive. Or even if you need an oil change and just want a quick spot-check to make sure everything is OK, we can handle that too. Just make an appointment with us today!

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